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Pandit Vinod Kumar

Pandit Vinod Kumar - A Professional Vedic Astrologer with 14 Years of Experience. He holds tow Post Graduate Degrees, in Astrology and Sanskrit. He is also a Master of Business Administration (MBA). He has Mastered Astrology and adopts the Parasara Hora Sastra Astrology which Punyashaala has adopted. An expert in prediction with issues related to Love, Marriage, Married Life and other personal matters.

He hails from Traditional family Background & performs the daily Vedic rituals like Sandhya Vandanam/Agnihotram etc. He spends most of his free time in reading & re-search on classical texts of Vedic Astrology & other Occult sciences related to Hindu Mythology. To book an appointment with Pandit Vinod Kumar, Please Click here.



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