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"Those who know Astrology can only indicate in a way what will take place in the future. Who else, except the Creator Brahma, can say what will certainly happen?

The above statement is a translation of an ancient Sanskrit statement (Phalaani Graha Charana Soochiyanthi Manishina Ko Vaktha Taara Tamyassai Tameykam Vedhasam Vinaa) made very popular by Dr.B V Raman vide The Astrological Magazine.

The level of accuracy of the predictions varies from case to case based on several factors. For some people it may be 90% accurate, for others it may be 70% accurate. Moreover the level of accuracy of time of birth is of paramount importance to get better results from Vedic Astrology as it is very sensitive to time of birth.  In case you have any doubts with your time of birth please refrain from using our Astrological services.

While all efforts have been made to give you the best Astrological reading possible, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of predictions made. Much importance is given to Astrological Remedies that are capable of changing the future.  We also accept that the future is subject to change due to various factors beyond the realm of Vedic Astrology.


Astrology is a science capable of indicating only tendencies and likelihoods. Even our Ancient Sages who wrote the Astrological works have said that “Using Astrology, we can only indicate what may happen most likely in one’s future. Only God can tell EXACTLY what will happen”. Hence Punyashaala requests its esteemed customers not to take a fatalistic or deterministic approach.

Punyashaala Astrologers do not in any manner guarantee the certainty of predictions and disclaims any responsibility whatsoever for any consequences resulting from any acts or decisions based on the indications or predictions given by us. No cause of action for any damages or otherwise can therefore be entertained against Punyashaala or its Astrologers or Staff or its Owners or its Agents or Contact Centers in India & abroad.

Our Overseas Contacts are not to be held responsible in the unlikely event of a deficiency in service of any kind offered by Punyashaala. They are only assisting us in this Divine Responsibility without any obligation or remuneration from Punyashaala.