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Chronic pain

Are you suffering with chronic health problems & pain? Has your Doctor given up after several years of medication? Don't you think, in such cases, there is something beyond medical cure that needs to be addressed.  An  Horoscope  can clearly indicate what's blocking a relief for you.  We at Punyashala have met many such people who seem to have lost hope but when the real karmic block is found & addressed, they have seen a lot of hope for cure.  Astrology, by itself, does not cure a patient.  It helps in removing blocks and obstacles and when suggested remedies are done, a relief is possible.  Ayurveda (The Oldest form of Medicine) students are taught Vedic Astrology is part of the Ayurveda Study curriculum which clearly indicates that Karma needs to be addressed before a chronic illness is. Click here to contact us to know more. Cure may not be far away.

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