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Can I have a Partner?

You may have a great idea but may not have money to start a business & hence may be in search of a partner. But, Can you have a partner? Does the planets favour partnership ? What remedy should be done if I am already in partnership to strengthen the Partnership & business? Your horoscope will clearly indicate what is to be done in such cases. 

Punyashala offers great astrological consultation to a person who is planning to employ a partner into his/her business . Through our expert’s advice you will be able to gain an knowledge on whom should you partner with. Based on your natal chart we help in providing the correct solution to your query and will determine that whether your horoscope says that you should have a partner or not. 

We also provide you the information that whether the person you are employing as your partner will bear good results or loss to your business. Click Here to get the astrological guidance for you & your business partner.