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What business should I Start?

It is essential to start your business on an auspicious day. It is even more essential to check in your horoscope if you can do business. Punyashaala has met several IIT & IIM professionals who have failed in their Business despite the fact they are well qualified & have good experience.  Being a Technocrat or a Businessman is entirely a different ball game. It is essential to know about your Karma before venturing into business & investments. In all cases where our Astrologers have seen IIT & IIM professionals where they faced acute challenges in their business, it was found that their planets are not favouring.  Find about this before venturing.

It is also essential to know what business is suitable to you and only a good Astrologer can give you this advice. Click here to consult on whether you can start a business & what business you can start.

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