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What subject should I choose ?

As soon as School results are published, the student are in pressure to choose the subject of their interest. Some are lucky to obtain the seat of their choice but many are not and this maybe because of shortfall in marks and other reasons but when the student`s horoscope is read by a professional Astrologer, it will be clear as to which path or subject would be most successful for the student.  It is very necessary that the child should choose the right subject inorder to excel throughout the life.

Based on the horoscope and planetary positions of the horoscope, a child will be able to excel into different fields . As Jupiter determines the career in science, Position of Venus determines a child will excel in arts and commerce . Therefore it is very essential to know this. 

We at Punyashala provide a counselling session for the parents as well as children wherein their horoscope are looked by our experts . Based on the analysis, we help the child to choose the particular subject which is suitable for him/her & in which he will excel in the long run.Click here to know more

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