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Benefits of Donations


Charity & Donations bring immense benefits not only to the beneficiaries but also to the Giver.

a) Care for Cow

Almost all Hindu Gods are portrayed with Animals and Birds. Jesus Christ also is often portrayed with Sheep and is called 'Good Shepherd'. They were so done to indicate that the Animals & Birds also are to be worshipped for they are the reason for us to live.  Every animal & bird plays a significant role in the ecosystem and in the food chain.  Among all the animals, Cows have played a very important role since ancient times.  The bulls were used for ploughing the fields.

The cows were used for obtaining milk & its by-products.  Even its dung was used as natural manure for the agricultural fields.  Hence, they were considered to be a step ahead of all other animals and were thus worshipped.  

Protecting the cow is considered one of the most important remedy for several problems faced by human today.  Maharishi Parasara, the Father of Indian Vedic Astrology suggests donation of cow & goat as a remedy for several Doshas or to overcome problems & to fulfil karmic issues.

Punyashaala has inspected Cow Shelters (Goshalas) and suggest donation to genuine Goshalas who take good care of cows & bullocks. To donate a cow, to adopt a cow or even to donate a small sum that will save a cow, click here.

b) Medical camps for Human & Animals

With our team of medical professionals, we at Punyashala help in arranging medical camps from time to time for the human as well as the animals. Click here to donate towards medicines used during such camps.

c) Sponsor a Grandmother/Grandfather

Do you want to do something for the old people? Adopt a Granny. We have identified genuine and deserving organizations that take care of old people. We inspect them regularly to see how they maintain standards of taking care & recommend them to our clients to donate. Punyashaala strongly believes not only Homas & Poojas but also in taking care of the needy that is a cure for Karmic problems one may face.

To sponsor a grandmother/grandfather, Click here.

d) Education for Poor

Education is the birthright of every child & should not be denied. There are several brilliant students from weak economic background & we, at Punyashaala have empanelled a few deserving and genuine schools where poor students can benefit out of donations.  To donate to a deserving student, click here.

Remember, through your small contribution you will bring a positive change in a child’s  life.

e) Tree Plantation

No Trees, No Life. We all understand the importance of growing trees. To donate a sapling, click here.