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Karma and Destiny

Have we not wondered at why good people suffer? Why do we suffer? If God exists, why is there silence from his side?,Some days are good & some are bad, Why? For all these questions, the answer is Karma.

We reap what we sow.  If we do good deeds, good happens to us. If we commit bad acts, bad happens to us. It is as simple as this Newton's law applies here 'Every action has an equal reaction'. Karma determines not only one's next lives in terms of wealth & health but also determines physical appearance & personality.

Karma locks a person in a cycle of actions & reactions.  However, Karma is temporary and can be altered through present actions and remedies.  

Astrology precisely indicates the Karmic dosage & variety that a person goes through & suggests remedies as provided by Ancient Sages like Maharishi Parasara who is considered to be the Father of Astrology.

Punyashaala evolved with the single agenda to detect Karma in a person & provide a solution for a better life. Please click here to contact Punayashaala Astrologers & Remedy providers & change your life.