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Lending and Borrowing

Money and wealth are very integral parts of life. But not everyone is an expert when it comes to handling these two important aspects of life. Whether for personal needs or business purposes, money management sometimes takes difficult turns. 

Do you face acute financial issues while lending or borrowing money? When you lend money to someone, do you find it difficult to claim it back? or, does it happen that you have a lot of well-wishers, but when your need arises, no one steps forward to help you? Have you ever given a deep thought about why this happens?

Astrology says that everyone is not equally favored when it comes to lending or borrowing money. Punyashaala experts are of the opinion that an individual’s planetary positions effect his transaction and financial decisions. When the positions of these planets are not at favorable places, you might not experience beneficial returns. On the other hand, if the planets are made positive, then all our financial transactions will be profitable in nature. Click here to consult an Astrologer.

If your star positions in your Birth-Chart are not in suitable positions, then your loan taking or giving decision will definitely be affected. You wouldn’t end up in a fair deal. The lords of the 2nd, 6th, 11th and 12th house influence monetary decisions. However, these bad positions or unruliness could be cured and fixed with expert help. At Punyashaala, professionals will help you to fix your problems on your Horoscope and also other lending or borrowing issues.

Sometimes you take a big loan and find it very difficult to settle your dues. This is also the result of bad planetary positions. Proper astrological measures could be taken to counter and discard any negativity. Click here to consult our experienced astrologers for quick and effective solutions.

Financial transactions are also influenced by certain time factors. For every individual there are certain “right” or “wrong” times to lend or borrow. Find out about your perfect times before you indulge in any such activities. Such proper times could be calculated by consulting Punyashaala astrologers. 

For a businessman, it is not possible to deal in cash all the time. She is bound to lend small or large sums of money on certain deals.  similarly, you cannot refuse a close relative who is in dire need of money. But, do not take risks in lending or borrowing without knowing your planetary position. With the help of Punyashaala, make your financial stars favorable before it is too late!