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I am in love

Love is a strong feeling of affection. When one falls in love, he or she is over optimistic and bubbles with joy & happiness. If the proposal has been accepted, the joy knows no bounds. So far it's good & happiness.

But, did we ever think the reason behind failures in marriages, especially love marriages? We often come across a close couple for a long time parting ways in a bitter manner. Take the case of Prince Charles & Diana. It began like a fairy tale but ended in a disaster. Why?  When an analysis was made, it was found that there was little compatibility in their horoscopes to be together.  Prince Charles is now living with his first love, Camila after a long live-in period.

Do all love marriages fail? No. Some fail.  Do all arranged marriages succeed, No. Some fail. Why?  Will my love life succeed? Several couples before the marriage have been counselled by Punyashaala and remedies provided for a successful marriage.  While we at Punyashaala respect love relationships, we can find pressure points during the days after marriage/living in so that the couple adjust and accommodate each other and bring success to their marriages.  We can trace such troublesome period by seeing the horoscopes of the couple. Click here to discuss.

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