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What is horoscope matching?

On the basis of the placement of the planetary positions the compatibility is assessed. This is match making. There are total of 36 gunas and the more the number of gunas are matched between the horoscope of two people, the more suitable match is considered to be. It is believed that minimum of 18 gunas are essential to be matched between the horoscopes of two people. Sometimes it is observed that few doshas are found while horoscope matching, especially Kuja Dosha. Those Doshas can create severe bad effects on the married life of two people, even if they are in love with each other. Remedies are essential in such circumstances. Punnyashala’s Remedy Center provides all kind of remedies that are obstructing the path of a  happy marriage. We have resurrected failing marriages through our honest assessment of the horoscopes & by providing remedies.  

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