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Should I marry again?

It is not necessary that if you have a failed first marriage then the second would fail too. Everything depends on the planetary position of your horoscope that indicates whether the marital chart has the presence of second marriage or not .  The 2, 7 and 11 house in the horoscope determines whether you can be married again or not.  As per the Vedic astrology there are solutions and remedies for each problem. So if you are planning to get married again and due to certain planets this wish of yours is not getting fulfilled,  then Click here and seek advice from our expert astrologers who will provide you with best remedies that will open doors for you again.

Through Punyashaala’s experts advice you can rectify all the Doshas that are prevalent in your horoscope and are obstructing the path of second marriage in your life and can lead a happy life once again.

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