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Why am I alone ?

There are many people who after getting married  are not able to enjoy  the blissful years of marriage and are separated from their soul mates due to various problems. You have to check your planetary positions in your horoscope. People with certain Planetary position get divorced due to various reasons as they may have not checked the compatibility between their`s & their spouse`s horoscopes. Some lose their wife or husband early. Why?

Often one feels dejected and sad that why they are being alone and have to take care of their children without anyone’s support. This situation occurs in a person’s life due to certain problems in the planetary positions that governs their horoscopes . Their life can be better if they follow certain remedies based on their planetary positions. Punyashala helps in providing the Remedy for the problems in single parent astrology.

Based on the planetary positions in your horoscope, we help in determining the major cause and find a remedy. Click here to know more

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