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Crow Feeding

Crow Feeding

Punyashaala has started feeding 10s of crows at 11th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai on Saturn Dominated Days like Saturdays, Poosam, Anuradha & Uttrathadhi Star Days & Calendar Dates of 8th, 17th & 26th.  Punyashaala can assist those who want to feed but do not sight crows. Please register with and subscribe for feeding the crows under 2 schemes we offer.

1.Crow Feeding on Saturn Dominated Days as mentioned above for one year – Rs. 1,500/-
2.Crow Feeding on 52 Saturdays – Rs.1,100/-

Those who are interested may use our Payment Gateway to send in your subscription by clicking here or remit to

Beneficiary: Punyashaala
Account No : 14410200004742
Bank & Branch: Federal Bank of India Ltd, Adyar, Chennai
IFSC: FDRL0001441
This is Punyashaala's non-profit activity. Videos & Photographs will be posted in our website.

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