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Maharishi Parasara

Indian Vedic Astrological system is believed to be based as per the texts, readings and sayings formulated by the ancient Rishis.Maharishi Parasara is known as one of the founder of the Astrological texts & Father of Vedic Astrology & Punyashaala follows this. His magnum opus Maharishi Parasara hora Shastra is the text on the basis of which the astrology is studied in the Indian astrological system. We at Punyashala practice this art of Maharishi Parasara Astrology. Through the study of the Shastras and the readings we provide the life ahead possibilities to our clients. We also give correct suggestions & advice on the basis of the written material prevalent in the text authored by Maharishi Parasara.

Maharishi Parashara was the disciple of Rishi Saunaka and the grandson of the great Rishi Vashistha. Maharishi Ved Vyasa is the son of Maharishi Parasara. Maharishi Parasara has written two books - Parashara Samhita as well as Parashara Smriti. His famous text Parasara Hora Shastra is an amalgamation of his dialogues with his disciple Maitreya. In the text it is seen that Maitreya is constantly questioning Parasara to which the Rishi is providing all the solutions to the principles of the Astrology. It is considered to be the best text on Astrology. In order to understand the Astrology  it is recommended to get a clear view on the astrology of this text .

In the text he is describing various aspects of the creation of the Universe, human creation as well as the relation between them and Astrology . He brings out the aspect of how you can relate various happenings in a life with the Astrological signs and the positioning of the planets in an horoscope.

Divided into 71 chapters, it explains various relations of God, nature and human being with each other. His teachings are all on the basis of the foundation of the Indian Astrological structure. Maharishi Parasara has laid a lot of principles, ideas and formulations on the basis of which the astrology stands out today.