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Karmic Remedies

What is Karmic Remedy?


In Sanskrit, it is called 'Parihara'. The various remedies when suggested & performed properly will yield good results & provides cure.  'Parihara' or Karmic Remedies brings about a change in a person's thinking for the better and paves a way to a lasting solution.  It changes the life of a person for good. 

Types of Remedies


There are various types of remedies prescribed by the Ancient Texts with proven ability to cure & restore benefits.  They are a) Simple Writing of Mantras b) Poojas or offering flowers & specific fruits to different engeries c) Homa or Yagna (Fire Lab Ritual) – The powerful form of remedy by offering specific things to invoke specific blessings & finding cure through 'Agni' or Fire. There are various Homas & a list of those being performed are

  1. Ganesha Homa (To remove obstacles)
  2. Navagraha Homa (To appease the Nine Planets)
  3. Swayamvara Parvathi Homa (For getting married)
  4. Lakshmi Hyagreeva Homa (For Education)
  5. Sudarshana Homa (For removing evils & obstacles by enemies)
  6. Chandi Homa (For good business)
  7. Lakshmi Kubera Homa (For Wealth creation)
  8. Mrithyunjaya Homa (For Longevity & Cure of Chronic Illness)
  9. Thila Homa (For Pleasing the Ancestors souls)

These are a few important remedies that are listed & Punyashaala conducts these for its clients upon request.  Live/recorded streaming of the event is done so that clients around the World view the same & benefit.

Punyashaala also perform Homas in Important Pilgrimage Centers like Haridwar, Palani, Thirukadaiyur, Gaya, Vaishnodevi & Pasupathinath (Nepal) besides its Homa Center in Chennai.  You may look for Homas in these Pilgrim Centers being announced from time to time and benefit by subscribing for the same.

Other Karmic Remedies

Karmic remedies also include donation of Cow to a genuine Goshalas, feeding of Crows (Please click here to feed crows), contributing to registered & Punyashaala verified Orphanages, Old age homes, Physically & Mentally Challenged Homes & Schools for the Underprivileged. Please mail with your enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and help a needy.