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The Navgraha or the nine planets play an essential role in the life of a human being. The movement of these planets determines the circumstances and events happening in a person’s life. These nine planets (Navgraha) are believed to be the rulers of different zodiac signs and leave a deep mark of their quality on the characteristics of the person. The planetary movements as well as position determines that how a person will be able to lead a life,what kind of events will take place in his life etc. If this is known to you, would it not be easier for you to adjust & modify your life? 

Below are the details of these 9 planets along with their effects on the life and creation in the universe

1) Sun (Surya) - The Sun God known as Surya is the dominating planet in everyone’s life.It remains in the centre of Navgraha and faces East (Sun-rise direction). It signifies good health and fortune in a person’s life. It’s Vehicle (Vahana) is believed to be a chariot with seven horses(Signifying 7 days of the week) and red is the symbolic color of this planet. It is believed to rule the zodiac sign Leo. 

2) Moon (Chandra) - This is the planet of beauty, purity, femininity,the mind and the centre of giving happiness to people. It is also known as the planet bringing fertility to bear children.Being the ruling planet of Cancer or Kark Rashi it rules the mind of the person. It is responsible for the stability of the person’s brain and mindset. The gemstone is considered to be pearl and it rules on Monday.

3) Mercury (Buddha) - This graham is solely responsible for bringing good communication skills with strong intellect within a person. It is the ruling planet of Kanya rash (i.e) Virgo and Gemini(Mithun Rashi). Represented with colour green the lucky gemstone is emerald for the Graha. It is responsible to govern the nervous system of a person and is signified with hands holding swords and mace.

4) Venus (Shukran) -  It is the ruling planet of Taurus (Vri Venus (Shukar) It is the ruling planet of Taurus (Vrishbh) and Libra(Tula) sunsign . It is believed to bring wealth,good health,good fortunes, luxuries etc in a person’s life.It is believed to bring the feeling of love as well as compassion in a person ‘s life . It is believed that the chariot of the Venus is with golden or a silver colour with eight horses.It represents all the beautiful things in life.It is the brightest planet .

5) Mars (Mangla) - This Planet is fiery in its approach and is ruling the signs of Aries as well as Scorpio. It is a dominating planet that controls the circulatory system of the body and also controls the nose as well as the muscular system of the human body . Itis believed to be the Son of Earth or Prithvi and is very ferocious in nature. 

6) Jupiter (Brahaspati or Guru) - Being one of the most important planet in the Navgraha system it is believed that Jupiter is having the place in the Rig  Veda and is often referred as the chief source of prayer and offering towards god . Jupiter signify yellow colour and is symbolic to be a planet responsible for , spirituality and the system of knowledge present within a person . Pisces and Saggitraius have Jupiter as their ruling planet and the lucky gemstone is sapphire for Jupiter. It is responsible factor in balancing the fat, liver , kidney and the arteries of the body .

7) Shani (Saturn) – The ruling planet of Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac Saturn is believed to be the destroyer of the fortunes and good luck . It is believed to bring a doom or a downfall in a person’s fortunes and can create disharmony in the relationships of the person .It a symbolic planet of bringing remorse and grief in a person’s life . It is also signified as a dark planet and have its vahana in the form of a chariot which is  governed either by a bull or a vulture . We at Punyashala helps in removing the Shani Dosh that is responsible for bringing bad luck in your life .

8) Rahu - Often represented as an unlucky planet bringing the eclipses to the sun and moon , It is often considered as an inauspicious planet bringing doom and downfall in a person’s life. It brings  a lot of obstructions as well hindrances in a person’s  success and brings disharmony in the life of a person. It has a gemstone of gometh. It is considered to be like a dragon with black horses signifying  darkness. At Punyashala you will receive all kind of remedies as well as solutions for the Rahu related problems

9) Ketu (Dhuma Ketu) - This planet is responsible for the symbolic representations of the karmic  good as well bad deeds . It is in the figure of a snake’s tail and often seen that Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope will bring bad luck misfortune ang wrong fortune in a person’s life. It is also responsible for bringing out the balance between the spiritual as well as supernatural elements . It is often regarded with the Moksha from the worldly attributes . It helps in the liberation of the person ‘s soul and makes the person as non attachment.

Punyashala helps in bringing the ketu remedies to the person.