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Save A Cow

Save A Cow

Punyashaala recommends 3 'Ghosalas' - 1. Sripuram, Tamilnadu 2.Uttiramerur, Tamilnadu & 3. Neelankarai, Chennai. These Ghosalas are maintained & run by dedicated staff and have over 1200 Cows. These Ghosalas accept Donations and Punyashaala would be glad to assist you in enabling you to donate to these 2 genuine Cow Protection centers.  You may donate any amount you wish using our Payment Gateway. Please add handling charges of 2% to your donation towards Credit/Debit Card Charges we incur when a card is used. Receipts in your name will be obtained, scanned & sent for your reference.

Links to Ghosalas

Sripuram -

Uttiramerur -

Chennai -

You are most welcome to donate directly to the Ghosalas also.


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